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Poltergeist: The house makes noises at night. Not thumps, whispers, or scrapes. It clobbers the walls like a wrecking ball. Screams like hurricane wind. [139]

Autumn Leaves: She buried him in the cold autumn ground and wiped the blood from her fingers with gold leaves. [94]

Broken Glass: Never replace the windowpane. The creature returns every night. The starry glass hole is its permanent invitation to shatter you. [129]

Goodnight Kiss: Inhale her lavender hair, glide along her satin smooth cheek, find her lips, and sample strawberry cyanide. [107]

Gentleman Caller: There’s a stranger at my door with an ear-to-ear grin, a scratchy voice, and sallow skin. He’s left no choice but to let him in. [128]

Chocolate Covered Eyeballs: Pluck, dip, & chill those chocolate covered eyeballs! Dispose of exes, rivals, and nosy neighbors and give her a gift that’s outta sight! [137]

The Needle Room: Spikes on the walls, nails on the door. Pricks on my arms, blood on the floor. Tight between the thorny space, minutes pass at hours’ pace. [139]

Arboretum of Horrors: Trees have knotted eyes and wooden claws. They’ll snatch you, wriggle you under their roots, and grind you up with rocky underground teeth. [139]

Dumpster Diver: The rancid man who lives in the dumpster knows your secrets. He’ll trace your trash, hunt you down, and bury you neck-deep in your filth. [137]

Karma Coin: I laughed when Rocco squashed the roach with his steel-toed boot. I cried when he made me bite the curb. [104]

The Bones in the Attic: The bones in the attic belonged to an addict who owed too much cash to a wretched fanatic. [90]

Hook Man: The man in the van with a hook for a hand stashes victims in desert sand. [73]

Killer Cacti: Dying of thirst, the lost man sliced open a thick, juicy, green bulb of cactus, only to find it swarming with wasps. [116]

Keepsakes: She kept her husband’s ashes on the mantle. She kept his lover’s bones under the floorboards. They kept her company until the day she died. [139]

Binge Watcher: Days of non-stop streaming entertainment burned his eyes, cooked his brain, and left him wanting more. [102]

The Skeletons in the Cemetery: The skeletons in the cemetery dance until dawn. You know the song. It’s in your bones. [86]

Eye Fly: The fly in my eye caused me die when I swerved off the bridge and into the sky. [79]

Lab Accident: Dr. Wu reached for his cup of chamomile and honey, but his throat found the beaker of sulfuric acid less than soothing. [119]

The Vampire’s Wife: The vampire’s wife honored his life by carving his heart from his chest with a knife. [85]

Hat Pin: They found Mrs. Whicker’s hat pin lodged in the windpipe of the man who swindled her great granddaughter. [105]

Kitchen Nightmare: The dissatisfied man who sent back his meal burned in Chef Shane’s brain as he sharpened his butcher knife. [107]

Like Eggs: Nurse Onya handled her enfeebled patients like eggs. She knew how to crack them without making a mess. [102]

The Hungry Hogs: Drunken Farmer Jay forgot to feed the hogs. He stumbled into the trough where filthy snouts gnashed him into slop. [114]

Eggs: The things in the fridge that hatched from the eggs, that I bought to eat, have eaten my food and outgrown the fridge. [118]

Bon Appetit: The bony waiter smiled with crooked teeth, tapped the menu with a crusty yellow fingernail, and declared, “The specials are to die for.” [136]

No One: Eager for accolades, Dr. Tate told no one of the tomb he uncovered, so no one came looking when it collapsed on him. No one but the Pharaoh. [140]

Hot Apple Pie: He only ever complimented her on her apple pie, so she gave it to him,

More Twitter Terror Tales throughout December!

More Twitter Terror Tales throughout December!

directly out of the oven, right into his face. [117]

Leftovers: The bomb dropped on Thursday at 5PM, and on every table in the green zone, a toxic Thanksgiving feast slowly cooled. [116]

Thanksgiving Dinner: Lonely Lou invited himself to Thanksgiving dinner at the neighbors. He carved more than turkey. [95]

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