Happy Halloween: Twitter Terror Tales so far . . .

TTTHappy Halloween, scary stories fans!

In case you missed all the spooky Twitter Terror Tales this month, I decided to put the 38 I’ve posted so far in one spot!

A Love Vow: My Love’s worth eclipses the cruel world.  So I entrust my Love to the protection of Death’s waiting arms with a hot kiss and a cold blade. [139]

Boogeyman: In the black bedroom, the closet creaks open. Fish-stench crawls up the sheets. Crescent yellow eyes gleam above rows of shark teeth. [131]

Bite Marks: Something bit me, deep and hard until it drew blood, while locked alone in a room. [82]

Happy Birthday to Me: Nobody came to my birthday, because I dipped the invitations in deadly powder. More cake for me. [96]

Sunshower: My Lord approves of what I did, because He made the rain wash the blood away. [77]

Arachnophobe: Chills quivered up my spine and a scream snagged in my throat when my hand found the mailbox teeming with spiders. [114]

Soulless: My shadow slipped away from me. The mirror refuses my reflection. They know how evil I’ve become. It makes me laugh. [116]

The Curator’s Bones: The museum collected the curator’s bones. [41]

Frequent Flyer: At last a smooth landing and attendants who left me to my rest. Yet I was the sole remaining passenger. And the tarmac reeked of brimstone. [139]

Grape Widow: She crawled out of the bunch and tickled my finger as if to say, “I have a sample for you, but it’s not as sweet as the fruit.” [127]

Banana Spider: A hairy fellow confronted me in the produce aisle. His eight bristly legs and I made a claim for the same plantains, and I lost my appetite. [140]

Crackerphobia: Halfway through the box, she brought a crisp golden disc and its coiled 42-legged passenger to her lips. [104]

Final Grade: My chemistry lab partner swore to keep it secret who lit the fire. But in my nightmares, Mr. Ito’s charred lips insist that I confess. [134]

The Stuffed Monkey: My wife’s ex gave her a stuffed monkey with coarse fur, pointy teeth, and hateful eyes. She won’t get rid of it. It moves when I look away. [139]

Parasite: A long black leech with a round fishhook mouth twists through my gut. To feed, it keeps me famished and cripples me with hunger pains. [134]

Hangman: Attached to the ground, there is a tree, attached to a branch, attached to a rope, attached to a man, who belongs in the ground. [128]

Apocalypse: At the end of time, your flesh will burn. Your blood will boil. Your bones will snap. And your eyes will pop. But your mind will not. [133]

Gator Bites: They left me in the swamp. The water’s not deep, but my concrete shoes are killing me. And the gators look hungry. [93]

Road Kill: At 3AM, we hit a 6-foot, gray beast that darted onto the turnpike. At 3:01, it stumbled, roared, and hit back. [110]

The Deep: 20,000 feet down, a dark-eyed, mouthless, willowy, pink man latched onto our sub like a barnacle. In my mind, he screeched, “Stay forever!” [139]

The Gardner: The roses have teeth. They twist and snap, soil-secured. My garden moans in hunger beneath my bedroom window. Tomorrow, I’ll feed them. [135]

Happy Hour: The man at the bar who bought my drink, who gave me a ride, who rubbed my back, who clutched my neck, who cut off my air, hasn’t a care. [136]

Night Terror: I live in the shadow under the bed, just below your sleepy head. Put feet to the floor, and I snap out, to drag you below and take you out. [139]

Shortcut: As I cut through the graveyard, hands sprouted like weeds and pulled a grinning skull from the dirt: “You should have taken the long way.” [138]

The Crows in the Corn: A murder of crows watches the house with dead doll eyes. Caws grate through the walls and scrape inside my skull. They’ll wait an eternity. [139]

The Man on the Train: The stranger on the train got off at my stop. He tailed me through shady midnight side streets. I quickened my pace. He quickened his more. [139]

Red Tub: I soak in the warmth of my departed guests as their blood bubbles up to my neck. [80]

Feed the Birds: The vultures and I are both starving. We have that in common, at least. [71]

Bait: A shadowy fisherman beckoned me on the foggy water. I rowed closer. He tipped his hat, jerked his line, hooked me, and reeled me in. [132]

Prodigy: Junior’s glass-eyed indifference dissects me. It silently whispers, “Yes, I’m responsible for all those missing pets, and you may be next.” [139]

The Missing Groom: He never made it to church. But he managed to catch the honeymoon train out of town, tucked away in his bride’s luggage. [120]

Free Dental Work: Dr. Ng doesn’t require insurance, but he favors the drill. [58]

Beneath the Brick: Beneath red brick is an unfortunate fellow who critiqued the bricklayer’s handiwork. [84]

Swarm: The mound crumbles beneath my foot. Insect soldiers march up my leg. Pain smothers me like a chemical blanket. 100,000 bodies. 1 mind. [134]

Slip Up: After an exhausting day’s work, she absentmindedly left the key in the lock. And she never awoke. [97]

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Happy Halloween!

Door to Door: Madman Mike the savvy salesman slashes prices to get his foot in the door, but the slashing doesn’t stop there! [111]

Honeymoon: In the bridal suite, after signing the insurance policy, the groom served cyanide Champagne and strawberries. [109]

Lizard Stew: Old Mrs. Dallow doled out lizard stew for Halloween. The children who ate it greeted their parents with forked tongues. [119]

And guess what? They’re so much fun to write, that I’m going to keep posting new ones for the rest of the year! Follow me @Kmfollia to keep up! :)

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