New Story at Uprising Review!

The-Other-Side-of-the-ConfessionalHead on over to Uprising Review to read my flash fiction piece “The Other Side of the Confessional!”

The Uprising Review is a literary magazine that celebrates freedom of speech and a diversity of ideas. Writers should be able create without the fear of being shot down because of their unique ideas or perspective. When a publisher tries to impose their own bias, the creative process is tarnished. Ideas were meant to be shared and everyone deserves a voice. That is what inspired us to create the Uprising Review.

My piece explores the inner (or perhaps outer) demons of a Catholic priest haunted by regret. Check out the story for FREE at the link below, and watch this space for more new story announcements, because there is definitely more to come! :)

“The Other Side of the Confessional”:
Uprising Review:

About kmfollia

Kevin M. Folliard is a Chicagoland fiction writer who has worked on the "Press Start" series of films and webcartoons. His published fiction includes the scary stories collection "Christmas Terror Tales" and the dark fantasy novel "Jake Carter & the Nightmare Gallery."
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