Christmas Terror Tales: “Below” is Going Away!

Last call for CTT "Below!" (For now . . .)

Last call for CTT “Below!” (For now . . .)

Thanks to everyone who has checked out my Kindle exclusive story “Christmas Terror Tales Presents: “Below!” This was a really fun story that Kindle gave a great home to. However, in early May it’s going to melt away with the snow.

Okay! Actually, “Below” is just going into cryogenic suspension for a bit. You see, I always intended to make this story a fun Kindle exclusive experiment, and then some day include it in a paperback collection. Well that day is fast approaching! With my upcoming publication of More Christmas Terror Tales, “Below” will finally find its way into old school print, and eventually back to Kindle with a slew of NEW stories!

Until then, I wanted to give readers ONE last chance to read this novella for FREE from May 2nd – May 6th. Get it here while you can:

And in case you were wondering: I do have more FREE Kindle giveaways scheduled for end of the school year this May! Gear up for summer reading:


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