Arbor Day Terror Tales! (April Fools!)

Arbor Day Terror Tales is on sale at Amazon now! (Seriously!)

Arbor Day Terror Tales is on sale at Amazon now! (Seriously!)

I am pleased to announce my newest title is now on sale through Kindle and! Arbor Day Terror Tales: Sinister Yarns of Woodland Woe features thirteen insidious stories all featuring arboreal evils that grew from the blackest soils and twisted roots of my macabre imagination!

Mankind has always loved his trees, but what happens when the trees say “no more!” This collection explores this and other terrifying questions about humanity’s shaky relationship with the masters of the Plant Kingdom. A wicked willow invades the swampy nightmares of a trio of befuddled fishermen. The ghost of a vengeful spruce plagues the agenda of a rebellious rabbi. A jilted bride, lost in America’s iconic Red Wood Forest, unearths more companionship than she could have ever bargained for and ends up smothered in the fiery autumn of her deepest regrets!

Arbor Day Terror Tales features the following fiendish fables:

Flowering Plants Without Pity
Trick or Tree
Willow Willow Won’t
The Rabbi and the Knothole
Bark to the Future
She Attempted to Get Down from the Tree but She Couldn’t Seem to
Oak Too Soon
The Redwoods’ Bride
The Clown in the Apple Orchard
The Vampire’s Garden Hose
The Cursed Tree-House Where Children Died
A Tree with Tons of Spiders in It
A Smaller Tree with Just One Really Big Spider

With branch shakingly spooky illustrations by real life paleobotonist Dr. James Molloy, these stories are creepier and crawlier than a troop of ravenous wood lice! Hunker down, dim the lights, and leaf through these sturdy tall tales. But don’t climb too high into the canopy of the unknown! That evergreen outside your window just could be plotting to trim your branches!

Arbor Day Terror Tales: Sinister Yarns of Woodland Woe is available for $2.99 on Kindle and $5.50 in paperback. But you can’t buy it because this is an April Fools joke post!

Go buy my other books though! :)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kevin M. Folliard has studied trees his entire life and dedicated every ounce of his free time to nurturing a supernatural psychic bond with the plant world. He alone is qualified to write about them, and anything else that you might read about plants from other so-called experts is a lie.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: Paleobotonist Dr. James Molloy draws really cool comic books where trees probably exist somewhere in the background sometimes. You should buy his books too!

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