Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch tales–On Sale NOW!

Pre-Order Wax & Wane and check out my story "Hour of the Owl!"

Wax & Wane on sale NOW!

I’m pleased to announce that Nosetouch Press’s Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales is now on sale through Amazon, in paperback and Kindle, featuring my scary story “Hour of the Owl!”

“Whether wicked or whimsical, few folkloric figures are as iconic as the witch. Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales serves up 30 spellbinding stories of witches that are enchanting and terrifying, amusing and enticing. Classic or eclectic, fantastical or historical, these witch tales are a literary incantation to delight any fans of witches and witchcraft.”

In my story “Hour of the Owl,” Jean’s estranged son Wesley returns home to the family orchard with an unusual new bride named Ava. Ava is a slender, ageless woman with bird-like features and a nocturnal schedule. She quickly charms the men in Jean’s family and spends copious amounts of time performing strange rituals in the barn at night. Soon Jean begins to suffer nightmares about owls and a shadowy entity named Stryxus who seeks to claim her son. The story is about a mother’s unconditional love struggling against both the figurative and literal dark forces which have fractured her family.

Check out Nosetouch’s author interview with yours truly here! Wax & Wane is a really cool collection with a wide variety of writers all putting their unique spins on witch lore, so be sure to check it out!

ORDER Wax & Wane: http://www.amazon.com/Wax-Wane-Gathering-Witch-Tales/dp/1944286039/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451587890&sr=8-1&keywords=9781944286033

KEVIN M. FOLLIARD Contributor Spotlight: http://www.nosetouchpress.com/contributor-spotlight-kevin-m-folliard/

NOSETOUCH PRESS: http://www.nosetouchpress.com/

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Kevin M. Folliard is a Chicagoland fiction writer who has worked on the "Press Start" series of films and webcartoons. His published fiction includes the scary stories collection "Christmas Terror Tales" and the dark fantasy novel "Jake Carter & the Nightmare Gallery."
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