Press Start: Funnier, Flashier, & Freer Than Ever!

Available NOW for DVD and FREE streaming online!

Available NOW for DVD and FREE streaming online!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been close to a decade since I collaborated with director Ed Glaser and a whole crew of really awesome, talented people to write what would be dubbed “the best videogame movie ever made.”

Since Press Start came out in 2007, we’ve enjoyed having a dedicated audience that supported us through a web series and a sequel. Now I’m thrilled to tell you that Neon Harbor is releasing an all new remastered edition of Press Start, which includes a FREE online streaming version for anyone to check out anytime!

What this means is that if you’re one of the many loyal fans who already owns Press Start, you don’t have to re-buy it to check out the remastered version–which is pretty cool.

And if you’re one of the many other people who loved the Press Start cartoons, but was never willing to spend money to check out the live action films, you can finally see what you’ve been missing out on–which is also pretty cool! :)

Here’s all I ask: spread the word, share the free streaming version, and if you like what you see, check out more cool stuff from Neon Harbor (including more Press Start stuff as well as other great series!) Indie creator types like me and the good folk of Neon Harbor want to keep making cool series, movies, books, comics, art, etc. for the net age to enjoy, but we depend on your support.

Being indie creators in the internet age is awesome! We have the technology to make fun, exciting, hilarious entertainment on virtually non-existent budgets. However, make no mistake, we do it out of passion not because we turn a profit.

TONS of time and energy goes into making quality entertainment, and in this case it was a big group effort. Everyone from directors, to actors, to production designers, composers, and effects artists deserves to have their work shared and appreciated. So please, watch Press Start, enjoy, share, tell your gamer friends, leave Amazon reviews, and support artists who know how to entertain you. :)

Check out the Remastered Press Start HERE:

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Kevin M. Folliard is a Chicagoland fiction writer who has worked on the "Press Start" series of films and webcartoons. His published fiction includes the scary stories collection "Christmas Terror Tales" and the dark fantasy novel "Jake Carter & the Nightmare Gallery."
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