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  • “There aren’t enough fun, engaging books for boys.”
  • “My child has a short attention span, but YA titles keep getting longer and denser.”
  • “These YA girl protagonists are too boy crazy!”
  • “My kids are getting too smart for Goosebumps, but they’re not quite ready for Stephen King!”

These are the kinds of things I regularly hear from parents and teachers when I tell them I’m an independent author of middle-grade/YA fiction.

For the past five years, I’ve worked hard to get five “12 and up” titles published that break the mold and seek to entertain my target audience: kids who are like me. However, it’s really tough to reach new readers unless you are backed by a big publishing company.

I want parents, teachers, and kids who enjoy speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, and horror) to check out my titles and share their thoughts with me and with each other. I need as much feedback and word of mouth as I can get in order to keep doing what I love most: writing fun, scary, fast-paced fiction for thoughtful young (and young at heart) minds. For that reason . . .

All of my titles are FREE for Kindle

May 5-9th.

Unfortunately, kids tend not to be the ones who have their fingers on the pulse of Ebook giveaways, so I’m asking all parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, godparents, teachers, librarians, and anyone who is in a position to recommend and endorse some fun, scary summer reading to give at least one of my titles a chance.

If you’ve got a Kindle, tablet, PC, laptop, or mobile device, you can read a Kindle file, and you can get one of these titles for FREE that first full week of May. Pick the one that interests you most, or the one that you think the young person in your life will enjoy most and if you read it, and you like it, please leave a review on Amazon or and pass that title on to a young reader! :)

Here’s a handy rundown of the five titles I am giving away in preparation for summertime reading:

Title/Summary Who would like it? Reader Review
Christmas Terror TalesChristmas Terror Tales is 16 short, scary, holiday-themed stories, each accompanied by a spooky illustration. Kids (and adults) who love fun, creepy, punchy stories to read under the covers or out loud.

Compare to: Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories Collections, Goosebumps, The Twilight Zone

“I picked up the book yesterday. I wish I knew about this book during the holidays!!! The stories are scary but not too scary. I love the fact that the endings are basically an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. That’s when the bone chilling thoughts start to roam around in your brain. (What’s that aroma in the fireplace?? Or the sound in the basement??) In my opinion that’s what good horror stories should do. So when is the next book coming out?” -AMAZON Reader Review
Christmas Terror Tales: BelowChristmas Terror Tales Presents: “Below” is a horror novella separate from the main CTT collection about an ice fisherman’s encounter with sinister elf-like creatures on a frozen lake. This Kindle Exclusive tale is darker than the ones found in my other scary stories books. However, its content remains appropriate for 12 and up.

Compare to: Tales from the Crypt, The Twilight Zone

“Kevin Folliard has crafted a vision of elves that I don’t believe anyone else could have conceived of. This is an outstanding, fast paced short read. Do yourself a favor and buy it.”
-AMAZON Reader Review
Valentine Terror TalesValentine Terror Tales contains 14 frightening tales that are all love, romance, or Valentine’s Day themed, each accompanied by a spooky illustration. Kids (and adults) who love fun, creepy, punchy stories to read under the covers or out loud. Also great for teens who have recently had their hearts broken. 😉

Compare to: Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories Collections, The Twilight Zone

“Kevin Folliard weaves a spider web of deadly stories so creepy, you might just look twice at your attractive new paramour…I read the book cover to cover in one go and I can’t recommend it highly enough to fans of scary stories. Each one found a new and different way to chill or unsettle me. There’s such a diverse variety, you’d hardly know they were all by the same author. I particularly enjoyed ‘Instructions on Love,’ which paints Cupid in a horrifying new light.”
-AMAZON Reader Review
Jake Carter & the Nightmare Gallery
Jake Carter & the Nightmare Gallery is a dark sci-fi/fantasy adventure about a young daydreamer who meets the enigmatic Dr. Shade: a collector of nightmares and manipulator of dreams.
Creative and introspective young readers. Nightmare Gallery touches on issues of loss, family, art, and faith.

Compare to: Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Twilight Zone

Jake Carter And The Nightmare Gallery, nails what great young adult fiction should be.Kevin Folliard creates a hero to all daydreamers in the character of Jake Carter. He’s the quiet kid with the big imagination and it’s Jake’s ability to make believe that is a potent force throughout the book, both in the main story and an integral part of his character.Jake Carter knows when to ebb and knows when to flow. It’s disturbing, but not disgusting. There’s lots of action, but its all meaningful. It knows when to let the characters breathe just long enough before it throws them into the ringer once more. Most importantly, it builds on itself and never goes for broke until the very last minute.I easily recommend this story to anyone who loves action cartoons with a high concept idea, wrapped in a message about love, loss and dreams.”
-AMAZON Reader Review
Violet BlackViolet Black & the Curse of Camp Coldwater is a mystery horror adventure about a 13-year-old paranormal investigator at summer camp. Young readers who want a fast-paced, fun spooky adventure. Violet is less dark than Nightmare Gallery and touches on themes of loss, friendship, and family. Great for girls who are sick of Twilight!

Compare to: Nancy Drew, Goosebumps

“For someone who grew up reading Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, and Beazus & Ramona, this was a terrific read. The characters are awesome, Violet fits the bill as the perfect girl detective. Hector gains relief from his bullied existence as he teams up to aide in her investigations. Add pal Kelly and the threesome works well with the mix of illustrious camp counselors, bullies, Violet’s neat dad, and of course, the ghostly Happy Harry. Folliard sets the scenes fantastically, all sorts of adventures, twists, and turns kept me on the edge of my seat.”
-AMAZON Reader Review

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