Christmas Terror Tales: “Below” FAQ!

In this year's new Kindle exclusive Christmas Terror Tale, beware of elves underfoot.

Hey Everyone!

Thanks to all of you who have already checked out this year’s brand new Kindle exclusive CTT story: “Below!”

I’ve gotten a handful of questions about this tale, and I wanted to take a moment to address them. You will find everything you need to know about “Below” . . . below . . .

Is “Below” a separate story, or just a sample from the full Christmas Terror Tales book?

CTT: “Below” is a totally new story, not found in the original CTT (which contains 16 unique tales of its own).

Is “Below” available in paperback?

At this time, “Below” is only available through Kindle.

Will “Below” eventually become available in print?

Most likely, but not for a while. I would love to release another collection of scary Christmas stories, and “Below” would be included. However, I don’t want to rush that project. Quality scary Christmas stories don’t always come easy, so I’d rather wait until I have enough gems to make it worth your while. Until then, “Below” is a way to keep the holiday scares going strong. It’s also a great way for you to introduce people to my writing because I intend to make it FREE, as often as possible. More on that below. J

I don’t have a Kindle. How can I read this story?

If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t despair. Amazon provides FREE Kindle reading software. It’s called Kindle Cloud, and it allows people to read any Kindle books they want on their PCs, tablets, or mobile devices without needing to buy a Kindle. Here’s a link:

How long is “Below?” How does it compare to the stories in the original CTT?

Below is about 12,000 words. By some definitions this is a novella, and by others it’s a novelette. Either way, it’s a longer than average short story. The original CTT came to just under 18,000 words. At “Below’s” normal price of 0.99 cents, that’s more than half the content at a third the price of the Kindle version of CTT. Then again, you can also get it for FREE.

“Below” is FREE? How can I get it for FREE?

Well, technically it’s not always free. Amazon offers five days of FREE promotion every 90 days for Kindle exclusive books. As such, “Below” will be FREE for five days in October, five days in December, and so on. I’ll promote the free periods heavily on the blog and through Facebook. But the first opportunity to get “Below” for FREE will be October 15th – 19th. Don’t miss out. J

Will you ever release another FULL collection of scary stories?

Yes! In fact, my goal is to release a new Terror Tales product every year around the holidays! Depending on what I have on my plate, sometimes it will be a collection of many stories, and other times it will be a budget friendly Kindle exclusive gem like “Below.” Next year there will be another full collection. As we get closer to October of 2013, I’ll have more info. J

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