Host a Scary Holiday Book Club!

Deliver some scares to your holiday book club meeting!

Greetings Readers!

If your book club is looking for a unique holiday offering this October through December, look no further! Over the past year, both Christmas Terror Tales and Jake Carter and the Nightmare Gallery have enjoyed a handful of excellent bookclub discussions.

As such, I decided to come up with some great book club discussion questions to help you kick start a gathering of your own! You’ll find printouts for both Jake Carter and CTT below. (But if you haven’t read either of these books yet, do beware of SPOILERS in the discussion questions!)

And of course, if your book club should choose to tackle one of my books, please let me know! I’d love to hear what everyone had to say! :)

Both books are available through Amazon, as well as in paperback at select locations in the Chicagoland area. See the links below for more info.

CTT & Jake Carter at Bookies in South Chicago:
CTT & Jake Carter at Chimera’s Comics in La Grange:
CTT on Amazon:
Jake Carter on Amazon:
Jake Carter Press Release:
CTT Press Release:
Kevin M. Folliard on YouTube:
Kevin M. Folliard on Goodreads:

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Kevin M. Folliard is a Chicagoland fiction writer who has worked on the "Press Start" series of films and webcartoons. His published fiction includes the scary stories collection "Christmas Terror Tales" and the dark fantasy novel "Jake Carter & the Nightmare Gallery."
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