My Salute to Small Business!

Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

It’s been a fast paced and exciting holiday season for me this year, and I can’t express my gratitude enough to all of the people who have been supporting my new collection of holiday scary stories Christmas Terror Tales!  Thanks to the support of my readers, I’m off to a great start with many thoughtful reviews and lots of positive buzz around Chicagoland and the net!

This week I want to give a special shout out to the unsung heroes of our society:  small
businesses!  Everyone knows about BlackFriday, and Cyber Monday has started to catch on as a way to kick off the holiday shopping season as well.

But a more recent trend that I think is fantastic is Small Business Saturday.  Small businesses are run by people who are passionate about the services and products they
provide.  They are our neighbors, and their profits stay within our communities.  So this year make sure you devote a big chunk of your holiday spending money towards friendly shopkeepers down the street from you.

I’m very grateful to the local businesses that have shown an interest in my new book and have been helping me spread the word about holiday horror!  Here are two great small local business that I salute…

The Bookies: Paperbacks and More!

CTT is now available on Chicago's South Side at Bookies: 2419 W. 103rd Street!

2419 W. 103rd St.
(Between Western Ave. & Artesian Ave.)

Bookies is the local independent bookstore in the Beverly area on Chicago’s South Side, where yours truly grew up.  When I was a kid my family would exchange boxes of used books for new ones at this great little shop staffed by friendly helpful neighbors.  Today they’re still there serving a community of readers!  I’m thrilled that they are now carrying my short story collection.  There was no better feeling than dropping by to see Chirstmas Terror Tales on the shelf with R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps this past October!  I’m unworthy!

This year Bookies has some great deals for Black Friday.  Sign up for their E-mail Newsletter and they’ll provide you with an exclusive 25% off coupon to be used on Friday Nov. 25th!  More info at their website!  Bookies is also on Facebook!

CTT is now available at Chimera's Comics in downtown La Grange!

Chimera’s Comics
19 S. La Grange Road
La Grange, IL 60525

I’ve been living in the La Grange area in Chicago’s West Suburbs for a little over a year, and the main thing that I love is our quaint, clean downtown area full of wonderful shops and restaurants.  As a total nerd, the only thing it lacked for me was a comic book shop.  Within a few months of my move, this awesome store opens up!  Chimera’s is everything you would want from a comic shop.  All the latest issues of DC, Marvel, and your favorite independent titles.  Tons of cool merchandise and memorabilia.  There’s always a great movie or cartoon playing on the wall.  And most importantly the owners are super nice guys who frequently host activities for young people in the community.

Chimera’s is also having a Black Friday event with lots of great deals, so please check out their website and find them on Facebook!

Go check out these great establishments this holiday season.  Or if you’re not in the area, please support the local businesses down the street from you.  These are the people who bring a unique flavor to our towns and cities.  They work hard all the time, and they work even harder when times are tough (which they are!)  Local businesses:  I salute you!

And of course, here’s my standard Christmas Terror Tales Roundup…

CTT at Bookies in South Chicago:
CTT at Chimera’s Comics in La Grange:
CTT on Amazon:
CTT on Facebook:!/pages/Christmas-Terror-Tales/204731106257625
CTT giveaways on Goodreads:

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